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English Theatre

What is our Drama Class ?

The drama class is addressed to learners of English of different levels
as a way to integrate language skills in a natural way. We try to combine verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication, bring both mind and body and set the balance between physical and educational aspects of learning.

Our Goals

One of our main objectives is to foster self-awareness (and awareness of others), confidence and self-esteem. Thus, learners, especially shy ones, get their opportunity to express their abilities through an exploratory style of learning with lots of creativity, imagination and enjoyable experiences.

Our classes are delivered with a set of techniques, activities and games used by actors in their training. These activities are moulded according to the learners’ ages and linguistic level. Most sessions include activities of improvisation, mime, sound, reliability, trust, imagination and observation.

Our drama games are devised to enhance team work and enable each individual to work effectively on stage. By the end of the school year, all the team will have adopted useful drama techniques and everyday life values; and of course, all young actors and actresses will have the chance to get roles in our performances at the end of the school year.